Our school

We are a friendly and family oriented private English school situated a one-minute walk from Itsukaichi train, street car and bus stations. Our school was founded by a qualified schoolteacher and psychologist from England.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy describes the viewpoint of the student based on psychology. "If you tell me, I will forget. If you show me, I might remember. If you involve me, I may understand. If you understand me, I will progress."

Student outcomes

While we cannot guarantee that you or your child will become excellent, we display certificates of many students who have succeeded and passed EIKEN, from EIKEN Grade 5 to EIKEN Grade 1.

Proofreading and translation

Through our sister company, Senmon Eigo Saabis, otherwise known as English Services for Scientists, we offer professional translation and proofreading of academic and scientific manuscripts. We also check business emails.


8,000 yen monthly fee (tax included)

60 minute lesson (Free texts)

No enrolment/joining fee

Missed lesson swaps OK

Kids can use room 2 h before and after lesson

Why choose our school?

  • Psychologist

    We are experts in psychology. It is important to understand the development stages of children in order to help them develop their full potential.

  • Teacher

    Although native speakers may teach English well in Japan, our staff were qualified, experienced professional teachers before they came to Japan.

  • Examiner

    Obviously an experienced examiner is in a better position to prepare students for exams. We have over 10 years of experience in the UK and Japan.

Warning!! Don't ask a Shakespearean expert to check your English.

Ask a native-speaker scientist with professional experience.

Writer means:

Writer writes: Next to water consentrate sulfuric acid was added quickly stiring.

Shakespearean expert rewrites it as: Next the water was added quickly to the concentrated sufuric acid whilst stirring. Result FAILURE

Scientific expert writes it as: Next, whilst stirring quickly, the concentrated sulfuric acid was added to the water. Result SUCCESS